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We are living in unprecedented times indeed…

As the entire world enters unchartered waters amidst a global pandemic, two things are certain:

  1. Things may never be the same again, with change becoming one of the few certainties; and
  2. We will get through this, but the need for connectedness has never been more important than now.

As a small business based in Brisbane, Configatek heeded the advice from the World Health Organisation and the Australian federal Government, and early last week we put into effect a full work-from-home (WFH) policy for our small business.

Our hearts go out to all those people, and businesses affected by the growing uncertainty and impacts this situation is creating. We too are also faced with uncertainty as we rapidly pivot our business to adapt. Bringing into effect a WFH policy quickly was essential to ensure the safety of our employees and the community at large, and by doing so we’ve taken a bold and pro-active step to do our part.

Configatek is more fortunate than many businesses, insofar as our primary business services are capable of being conducted remotely. Using today’s technology, we can ensure we can continue to provide quality services to our clients, whilst also keeping our people safe.

The silver lining in these tough times may actually be that many other businesses out there also have access to these technological solutions but may not fully realise it exists, or how it can help their businesses rapidly transform and adapt.

I’m sure a month ago, no one really planned to enter the world’s biggest WFH experiment. Many perhaps are still struggling to envisage a way forward.

Microsoft Teams to the Rescue

Microsoft Teams, for a lot of people may be strange new concept, and after using Skype for Business through its many iterations over the years, seems to be interpreted by many as a replacement chat and presencing tool.

It’s so much more than that.

Teams gives users the ability to collaborate on documents, projects, events, and share information within small teams and channels, or org-wide.

At Configatek we’ve been harnessing this technology every single day and now that we’re working from home, we are truly appreciating the value this brings to us as a business. This article I’m writing now has live comments, my colleagues can see live changes, and we can be on a call discussing and seeing the changes as they happen. It’s not just sharing a screen; it’s sharing an entire work process.

We have been able to hold meetings with each other and external clients, even planning Teams-based delivery of training and client collaboration on new projects. During our stand-up video call every morning we can share our wins, our challenges, what our day looks like, and we contact each other between chat and calls as easily as if we were sitting next to one another.

Working from home doesn’t need to be that our teammates are distanced from each other, it can be an opportunity to learn how these tools can be leveraged now and continue to be leveraged when you return to traditional office settings. And even then, we may very well find a new place in our daily working lives for a new way to collaborate, connect and work across boundaries and barriers, in a digital workplace that is rich and vibrant.  

Want to know more?

To learn more about Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft applications please reach out and talk to the team at Configatek. There are an array of events and tools available to assist you including Power Apps and Power Automate User Group and Microsoft online learning, which we are happy to help you navigate. Reach us at [email protected]


At Configatek, we are just like you. We are an extraordinary team of experienced, passionate individuals. We are collectively a ‘hive’ and we believe in the art of possible. Our energy and passion is feuled by a common drive to give something back, make lasting transformations in business, and in the world we live.

“Be proud, make a difference, have fun”

Benjii Creevey