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In 2017 a small team of experienced industry leaders got excited by the emerging potential in Office 365 for configuring ‘low / no-code’ business applications. At the same time, we were becoming convinced there were better ways to do business, run projects, and create real outcomes. 

We were also under what we’ve come to understand as a false impression – that only the big corporates had the power to create significant impacts and make a difference in the world. That was until we were introduced to Masami Sato and Paul Dunn – the founders of Business for Good, or B1G1. That introduction caused a shift in our thinking in how we as a small business could generate real impacts and make sustainable changes for good. 

configatek is now over 2 years old, and we’re already making some big IMPACTS – and not just in the business world! In 2019 we exceeded 100,000 giving impacts, and we’re setting ourselves a massive target over in 2020 to Big-ify this result and reach million impacts 

At configatek, we are just like you. We are an extraordinary team of experienced, passionate individuals. We ARE collectively a ‘hive’ and we believe in the art of possible. Our energy and passion are fuelled by a common drive to give something backmake lasting transformations in business, and in the world we live. 

To learn more about B1G1 and the global sustainable goals visit the B1G1 website.  

“Be proud, make a difference, have fun” 

Daniel Dobbins

Co-Founder | configatek