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Configatek was very proud to be an integral part and partner of this week’s inaugural Microsoft Industry Day, specialising on the Power Platform.

The concept, in design, was simple. Bring similar industry peers together into the one forum, surrounded by subject matter experts. Shake up the old ways of running events and create a customised, and informative learning experience for participants in one day. The inspiration for this concept goes to the effervescent Charlie-Marie Shanks – Technical Strategist (FSI sector) at Microsoft. And after several months of planning and refinement the team at Configatek, in association with Microsoft, kicked off what was to be lauded as a very successful and insightful event for customers.

The Power Platform

The paradigm of user-empowerment through citizen developer tools like Power Apps and Microsoft Power Platform presents an amazing opportunity for organisations to innovate and transform, leading to the quick realisation of business value. Conversely, these two applications have sparked some uncertainty about how to effectively govern and manage the platform, creating a bridge between both business users and IT.

The Power Apps Industry Day provided valuable insights on the governance tools and strategies for clients to confidently and collaboratively engage with business users, harnessing their enthusiasm, ideas and business challenges in a secure and controlled framework.

This event was been designed to bring together the unique requirements of the business end-users, and IT workers who support them.

The overwhelming success of developing an exciting new event format that provided targeted guidance and support along with experienced insights on how best to manage the different roles of users across the platform and establish good governance and frameworks ensured clients took away key learnings on how to achieve successful business outcomes using the Power Platform.

Want to know more?

To learn more about Microsoft Industry Days and other educational events such as Microsoft’s App In a Day (AIAD), and Microsoft’s Brisbane Power Platform User Group, please reach out and talk to the team at Configatek and let us find the right event for you.

At Configatek, we are just like you. We are an extraordinary team of experienced, passionate individuals. We ARE collectively a ‘hive’ and we believe in the art of possible. Our energy and passion are fueled by a common drive to give something back, make lasting transformations in business, and in the world we live.

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Benjii Creevey