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Introducing Configatek's Governance Foundations Package

The rationale for Power Platform governance is not only good practice; it’s essential.

Like any new system or platform, without the appropriate support structures and guardrails in place, risks emerge. And without the right checks and balances, the integrity of the platform and environment can be undermined and elevates those risks into issues – sometimes with dire consequences.


On a different perspective, the positive aspect of a good governance framework safeguards the investment in the platform and strengthens the ROI and benefits to businesses.


Configatek’s Governance Foundations Package has been carefully designed to address the essential foundation elements required to underpin good governance framework, as well as solid foundations serving as a springboard towards the establishment of a Centre of Excellence (CoE), and a robust architectural model that yields maximum returns and business benefits to clients. Our package delivers analysis, recommendations, and a business-aligned roadmap from which your organisation can execute a broader program towards establishing the appropriate architectural structures, policies, and framework.


Whether your organisation is only just commencing its journey or reasonably advanced into Microsoft’s Power Platform, it is highly recommended to establish a foundation by which all users, i.e. makers and consumers, can take advantage of in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for their apps.  The Power Platform has been designed to provide a very low barrier to rapidly start building apps and this attractiveness has stimulated global uptake and adoption, spawning the rise of what the industry hails as citizen developers.


Recognising the need for businesses to establish this foundation aspect, Configatek designed a tailored package for the marketplace. It establishes the underlying framework and structures essential to adopting a structured approach to analyse, define, and implement a Power Platform governance model.


Weighing it all up

In our experience, the cost-to-benefit ratio for taking the time and investment to step back and understand the bigger picture of good governance often far outweighs the high costs and lost opportunity of trial and error, and inadvertently choosing a path that is less ideal for the business and its stakeholders.


The road to good governance framework and best practice is not always easy or clear. That being said, with our industry experience and proven track record as leaders in the Power Platform, your investment is assured and will yield compounded benefits from the groundwork undertaken in laying the right foundations early on. An analogy here can be found in the saying, measure twice, cut once.


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