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Introducing your Go2 app

Go2, a new Power App from configatek, provides a simple, flexible, and beautiful way to organise and display links to information that matters most to your business.

You can create links to documents, apps, videos and websites and anything else you can imagine.

With ready-made layouts, you pick the colours to make beautiful designs that best suit your style.

Manage links – a simple approach

The Go2 Manager is where you create your link collections, select layouts and give it that personal touch.

For those larger collections of links, you can add categories and subcategories to ensure everyone can easily find the right information.

And when you have chosen the perfect look and feel for your links, copy the autogenerated layout link, ready to display anywhere.

Structure – a flexible design

Where do you put your links to ensure a single source of truth?

Go2 can display your links and layouts by embedding them into existing applications, your Intranet, SharePoint or simply directly in your browser of choice.

For a seamless sharing experience, display your links in Microsoft Teams by embedding the layout as a tab in Teams.

Links to business process documents, videos for training, a knowledge base or the latest images of new products. The possibilities are endless and you’re in control.

Layouts – a beautiful view

At the heart of Go2 is the logical, beautiful layouts to all your important information.

With built-in search, categorisation and the ability to show featured links in a dedicated area, no one will ever be lost.

Links can be displayed in familiar grid layouts with your own colours and icons or vertical columns for easy scanning.

When it’s important, this is your

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