Work Completion Automation

Organisation: Global Energy Company
Industry: Energy

Business Problem

Contractors and other parties working across a multitude of sites within global regions are required to submit Work Completion Records (WCRs) to confirm completed jobs and trigger payment of associated work orders. The WCRs are submitted as scanned forms via email to multiple shared inboxes depending on the region. Previously, review, approval and data entry of the scanned form data into the Pronto ERP system was entirely manual, causing immeasurable loss of efficiency, accuracy and time-to-payment.


Microsoft Flow was utilised to create a solution that automatically brokers the WCRs through an OCR service to collect pertinent form data, an internal review and approval process, and update of the pertinent data directly into the work order within a hosted Pronto instance.

The solution monitors five regional shared mail inboxes in four countries to acquire PDF attachments for delivery to the Redmap cloud-based service for OCR processing. The Redmap output is then used to update meta data in associated SharePoint document libraries, and the record is then routed to the appropriate review and approval party. Once approved, the solution updates the associated work order in Pronto by extracting it as XML, and submitting it via a Web Service request.

The solution was achieved using a set of 19 Microsoft Flows orchestrated as a single process. This distribution of the workflow provided greater resilience and scalability as compared to other monolithic approaches.


As a result of implementing the solution WCRs can be processed more quickly, leading to faster clearance of payments for contractors. Manual intervention in the approval process, as well as the updating of Pronto, has been significantly reduced. Visibility to the status of WCRs is increased for staff, and accuracy of the WCR data has improved positively impacting reporting and compliance.

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